Hello, I'm Robb Bennett.
I am a designer & developer.
I take top-notch creative and build it out into modern
websites that work across all devices. And, I grow Bonsai.

I live in the mountains.

Tucked away in the mountains of Western North Carolina is where you’ll find Visual23: a web development firm that prides itself on making sure excellent creative remains intact on the trip from Sketch/Photoshop to the consumer’s browser. Since 2000 I’ve been winning awards creating killer websites for clients that work on all devices; with no hassles and no B.S. Just good, solid work that is completely custom for each project I work on. I’m the senior developer you never had and always wanted, but with none of the overhead hassle. I have over 19 years of agency experience, so I drop right in and mesh with your team, partnering with your designers to ensure flawless delivery. So you can do what you’re best at: working with clients, crafting communication, and creating beautiful designs. I often deliver WordPress sites, but thats just to make it easier for you to manage content after a site launches. I can build anything. The underpinnings of the site is where you’ll find the real beauty. Expertly crafted JQuery and CSS, leading-not-bleeding edge, with a heavy emphasis on the total user experience. I started as a Flash developer but with the (near) death of Flash made the transition to HTML5/JQuery/CSS3, leveraging that Flash-like sense of communication in motion to blah, blah blah. Is anyone still reading this? Oh, and for you agencies that are still building Flash banner ads? Yep, I definitely do that too. Just don’t ask me for a splash page for a website with a “skip” button. I don’t do that.

Help feed my Bonsai.

Asheville, NC